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Have Kayak, Will Travel

One of the coolest things about owning an inflatable kayak is that you can take it traveling. Most people think of kayaking as an activity done close to home or at least within driving distance. However a large majority of inflatable kayaks can easily be checked on an airplane with no extra fees involved. Depending […]

Kayaking Down A Drainage Ditch At 34mph

Wow now that’s what I call a kayak slide! Ben Marr takes kayaking in Vancouver to a whole other level when he kayaks down a concrete drainage ditch into Lions Bay. His kayak reaches 34 mph (56 kilometers per hour) and takes about half a minute to reach the bay where he flies into the […]

Kayaking Destination Bucket List

I have been extremely fortunate in that I’ve had the opportunity to kayak in some spectacular places already. From the beautiful, clear waters of Fiji, to the scenic coastline of New Zealand, to the bath-warm waters of the Cook Islands to each of the Hawaiian Islands. Each time I travel I make sure I get […]