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Essentials For An Overnight Kayaking Trip

Image from If you are anything like me when planning an overnight kayaking trip then you need a list. Without the list, I almost always forget something that I wished I brought. There are several essentials that are extremely necessary to bring when doing a multi-day paddling trip as well as several optional accessories […]

Video: Sea Eagle FastTrack

This was my first video of the Sea Eagle FastTrack inflatable kayak. This is the kayak I have paddled the most and really love it. It is ideal for most water conditions and paddles very well. In this video I am paddling solo but the kayak has the option of adding two seats and paddling […]

Video: Galen’s Sea Eagle FastTrack Review

This is a great video by Galen paddling the Sea Eagle FastTrack through some pretty icy conditions. Pretty awesome. Shows what the FastTrack is capable of and how versatile it is. It can handle many different water and weather conditions. For more information on this kayak see our Sea Eagle FastTrack Review.