Archives for July 2013

Video: Sea Eagle Explorer Inflatable Kayak Instructions

Great video put out by Sea Eagle explaining everything you need to know about the new version of their Explorer kayaks. These kayaks are versatile and tough and ideal for many different people and situations. For more information on these inflatable kayaks see our Sea Eagle 380X Review.

Video: Sea Eagle 330

Video of my brother and I test paddling the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak. The 330 is not that big and you will find much more room for two in the larger Sea Eagle 370. However still a great beginner option and very affordable. For more information on this kayak see our Sea Eagle 330 […]

Video: Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible

Cool video by ‘choihot’ on YouTube paddling the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible in Spain. Skip through the ad in the beginning to see some nice paddling motion. For more information on this kayak see our Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Review.

Video: Infinity Orbit

I love paddling the Infinity Orbit inflatable kayak. It is tiny and easy to maneuver. It is very affordable and although it is not exactly a high-performer, it is a lot of fun and super compact and convenient. For more information on the Orbit see our Infinity Orbit Review.

Video: Zoik AlterEgo

My test paddle video of the Zoik AlterEgo. This kayak paddles well and is very responsive to turns. It is best suited for lakes and rivers. You’ll be able to tell in the video that you sit up fairly high in the AlterEgo which is a bit of a different feel. For more information on […]

Video: Sevylor Rio

This is one of the only solo inflatable canoes. I found the Rio to be a bit cramped for space but it is still an awesome canoe with some good features. This is a great option for someone who wants a very compact canoe that doesn’t cost too much. For more information see our Sevylor […]

Video: Airhead Montana Tandem

I am seen paddling this tandem kayak solo. Although it comes with two seats, one can be removed and they can be adjusted for solo paddling. For more information on this model see our Airhead Montana 2-Person kayak review.

Video: Airhead Montana Solo

This kayak was a lot of fun to take out. It is another affordable option by Airhead and although the tracking could certainly be improved, it looks great and works fine for day paddling trips. For more information on this model see our Airhead Montana Review.

Video: Airhead Roatan

This video is of me paddling the Airhead Roatan inflatable kayak.  This is a beginner kayak that will suit families with children and those who want a very affordable option for getting out on the water.  It is fun to paddle and quite responsive but only suited for short day trips.  For more information on […]

The Ultimate Travel Kayak

I recently reviewed the newly designed Airis kayaks by Walker Bay so have been writing about them quite a bit lately. I was so impressed with their quality, performance and most of all their convenience and portability. One of their models in particular, the Airis Play is the absolute ideal inflatable kayak to take traveling. […]