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Inflatable Kayak Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years I have been asked a lot of different questions regarding inflatable kayaks. This is a collection of them that hopefully will be of help to those who are new to the inflatable kayak world. If there are any important questions and answers that you feel I have missed and would benefit others, […]

Advantages of Kayaking with a Sail

Adding a sail to your kayak can create a whole new and very pleasurable experience. There are lots of advantages to using a kayak sail and very few negatives. There used to be very few models to chose from that worked for inflatable kayaks and in my opinion they either weren’t all that great or […]

Comprehensive Inflatable Kayak Reviews

The easiest way to know which kayak is right for you is to read informative inflatable kayak reviews that give you real life opinions. Our detailed reviews were created by doing lots of research, reading every review we could possibly find, as well as incorporating our own personal experience with many of the kayaks. Consequently […]