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NRS Rogue Kayaking Gloves Review

A friend of mine recently bought the NRS Rogue gloves for kayaking. Being a big fan of NRS gloves in general I was excited to have the opportunity to review another pair that I had not yet tried. The Rogue gloves are fairly unique in that instead of a Velcro cuff they have a HydroCuff […]

Kayaking in Lake Nicaragua

This is a guest post by Ben Slow. Ben lives and works on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. He owns a guided expedition company that offers inflatable kayak tours, fishing expeditions and guided hiking tours. More information on Ometepe Island and Ben’s tours can be found at Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua is comprised of […]

The Inflatable Kayak Mattress Push-Through Tent

Nigel from the UK was nice enough to share his brilliant idea on how to transform his inflatable kayak into a mattress/tent for overnight kayaking trips. I thought his idea was worth sharing and would be useful for anyone doing solo overnight paddling trips. The great thing about his idea is that it is easy, […]