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Practical Advice for New Paddlers

So you are heading out for your first day of kayaking. Before hitting the water and just winging it, there are a few practical things to know first that will greatly help to make the experience positive and fun. Below are 5 tips for new kayakers to know before your first paddling trip. 1. What […]

Fiberglass and Inflatable Kayak Differences

If you have kayaked before in a regular plastic or fiberglass kayak and are now considering purchasing an inflatable kayak you may be wondering how they measure up. If you have never kayaked before at all you might wonder what is the difference between the two. There are some noticeable and real differences between an […]

The Flyak – A Flying Kayak

I was reading the other day about the Flyak – a kayak that flies just above the surface of the water once it reaches a certain speed. Not sure if many people have already heard of it but I thought it was so cool, I had to share it with all of you. The Flyak, […]