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Kayak Fishing Safety and First Aid

It is important for all kayak anglers to take safety and first aid seriously. Being out on the water leaves you vulnerable to the elements as well as to motorboats and mishaps. Being prepared when you go out to fish can allow you to focus on what you are there to do – catch fish. […]

Great Kayaking Activity Ideas

Those who paddle do it for a number of different reasons. Some do it for fun, for exercise, as a way to float around and enjoy the water, for fishing, and some even use it for transportation. If you love to kayak but are getting bored with just paddling around your usual lake, river or […]

How to Choose a Kayak

Choosing the right kayak that will best suit your needs will require you to ask yourself a few questions. There are several different types of kayaks to choose from. The questions you will need to ask yourself when buying an inflatable kayak are not that different from when buying a hard-shell kayak. 5 Questions to […]