Archives for April 2012

Scoring on Used Inflatable Boats and Kayaks

I was browsing the NRS website clearance rack this morning procrastinating instead of doing my work when I noticed something I had not seen before. They had a section called ‘Used Rafts and Boats’. If this section had been there before I never noticed it and I suspect that it is quite new. I know […]

Planning an Overnight Inflatable Kayaking Trip

If you would like to take your inflatable kayaking experience to another level, an overnight trip can be a great adventure. Overnight kayaking or canoeing trips can be a lot of fun with family and friends and you will likely come back with some amazing memories and stories to tell. However it is extremely important […]

Nikon Coolpix AW100 Waterproof Camera Review

A waterproof camera can be very handy to have if you are into any type of water sports. While I was traveling this winter in Hawaii my Fujifilm waterproof camera broke while I was snorkelling. When I was trying to take pictures underwater of fish the camera just stopped working. Upon further inspection when I […]

Why the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame?

I have noticed over the last couple of years that the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame is by far one of the more popular solo inflatable kayaks on my website. Many people decide to purchase a convertible inflatable kayak meaning a tandem model that can be converted for solo use. This gives the flexibility of being able […]