Archives for June 2011

Father’s Day Kayaking Trip

This past father’s day my brother Robin and my Dad came up from Vancouver to stay with me for the weekend and Robin and I took my Dad on his first ever kayaking trip. He was a natural and it was a ton of fun. I brought my Sea Eagle FastTrack with me and the […]

Tips for Buying a Solo Inflatable Kayak

I have gotten used to using a convertible inflatable kayak for both solo and tandem kayaking. A convertible is basically a tandem kayak that can be converted for solo use. I like these because they give you the option of paddling with a friend or paddling solo if you choose. However if you want your […]

6 Beautiful Lakes in the World for Kayaking

I recently read on article on the Yahoo Travel site that talked about the twelve most beautiful lakes in the world. Although all twelve were stunning, they were not all accessible by kayak. Below are 6 of the most beautiful lakes from their list that are accessible by kayak and which according to ‘Yahoo! Travel’ […]

Stohlquist Cruiser Women’s PFD Review

I got the Stohlquist Cruiser PFD a while back and wanted to really wear it in a few different water and weather conditions before giving my review.  After multiple uses I feel very confident that the Cruiser is a well fitted and comfortable lifejacket that is well made to suit most women’s bodies. I initially […]

Build your Kayak Safety Kit

Kayak safety is obviously an important issue if you are going to do any paddling. If you have the proper safety kit on board you can feel confident that you are ready to deal with any challenge that comes your way. For paddling on open water such as on lakes or on the ocean there […]

Paddling with an Inflatable Kayak Newbie

I was out kayaking the other day with my friend and drumming teacher Trevor. He had never paddled an inflatable kayak before and was interested in trying it out. In the past he had spent summers enjoying the lake here on a motor boat but has since given up using motorized vehicles on the water. […]