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Whitewater Inflatable Kayak Pros and Cons

Whitewater inflatable kayaks are designed for those who want to paddle down raging rivers, manoeuvre around rocks and holes and generally do all sorts of crazy tricks that flat water kayakers wouldn’t dare. Consequently the whitewater kayaks have a unique design that allows for great manoeuvrability and control. For those who are considering whether or […]

Sea Eagle 380 Explorer vs 385 FastTrack

I have had so many questions from people who are trying to choose between the Sea Eagle 380x and the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack. I can understand the confusion as these two inflatable kayaks have some very similar characteristics and are very comparable in size as well as in price. I feel I can offer a […]

Stand-up Paddling with Your Inflatable Kayak

Stand-up paddle boards are all the rage. In fact you may have noticed they are suddenly everywhere you look. They are a cross between surfing and kayaking and one of the most fantastic workouts you could ever have. Stand-up paddling is a sport that any person of any age can enjoy and it is excellent […]

Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak FAQ

Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks have and likely always will be some of the most popular inflatable kayak models. Every single one of their models has a great design and a nice look as well as very affordable prices. As far as quality of construction, warranty and performance are concerned they lag behind some of the […]