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Kayaking Safety Protocol

I live close to Okanagan Lake which is 135 km long, 4-5 km wide and has a surface area of 351 km. This lake is extremely popular in the summer months with locals and tons of tourists. It is FULL of speed boats, sail boats, kayakers, wakeboarders, water skiers, etc. Although I prefer a less […]

Kayaking Kalamalka Lake in my FastTrack

I had the very enjoyable experience yesterday of kayaking down Kalamalka Lake in my new Sea Eagle FastTrack. Kalamalka Lake or Kal Lake for short is just over 21 km in length and is found about 4 km south of Vernon in the Central Okanagan in BC. What makes Kal Lake special is the colors. This […]

Proper Use and Care of a Skeg

It is important to understand how to properly attach and use a removable skeg on an inflatable kayak so that you get the best performance possible. Sometimes if the kayak only has a small skeg it will be permanently attached.  However other models have a large removable skeg that provides for good tracking and speed. There are two […]