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Why Choose an Inflatable Kayak

I do believe that more and more people are choosing to purchase an inflatable kayak as I did as opposed to a rigid kayak. However we are still a fairly small community and although most people are very curious to know more about inflatable kayaks I still get some funny looks from those avid hard-shell kayaking […]

Keen H2 Sandals Review

Normally for the summer I wear my sport sandals while kayaking. In colder weather I have a pair of NRS water booties. For this season I decided that I really wanted a pair of the Keen H2 sandals… mostly because they offer more protection for my foot and are great for scrambling over rocks… and […]

Kayaking Lake Chelan with the Ogopogo

I spent a few days with my mom last week in Chelan, Washington with my inflatable kayak. For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Chelan is a small town of close to 4000 people in the Cascade Mountains in Washington bordering on a gorgeous 50 mile lake called Lake Chelan. Before […]

A PFD Fit for a Woman

For all of the women kayakers out there you will likely know as I do how uncomfortable a PFD can be. Most lifejackets are not designed for a women’s body and consequently can be one of the most awkward and uncomfortable pieces of clothing/protection that you could wear. As most PFD’s are unisex I never really […]