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Cheap Inflatable Kayak Problems

If you are looking for an inflatable kayak and trying to keep the cost down there are several cheap inflatable kayaks on the market ranging in price from under $100 up to $500. I wouldn’t consider anything over five hundred to be a cheap inflatable kayak. Some cheap kayaks are better than others, but there […]

NRS Kayak Hanger

A kayak hanger is a neat idea. I don’t use one myself as I usually just store my inflatable kayak away in its bag. However I think if you have the space this kayak hanger would actually be really handy. Below are two reasons that even for an inflatable kayak this kayak hanger could be […]

Common Inflatable Kayak Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding inflatable kayaks. Unfortunately I think these myths cause consumers to doubt whether an inflatable kayak is the right choice. I will go through these myths below and clear up any confusion or misconception that people may have. Hopefully this will help those who have never used […]

Inflatable Kayaking and Kids

I don’t have kids, so I am not an expert on this subject. I do however have lots of friends with kids so have been around them a lot. While I like my peace and solitude while out in my inflatable kayak, I notice that kids just want FUN. Fun and adventure seem to be […]

5 Inflatable Kayak Paddling Goals

How important is it to set goals for your inflatable kayak adventures? Goals are the best way to achieve what you desire. Many of us set life goals on New Years Eve, but what about goals for our passions and daily fun? If you like to go paddling in your inflatable kayak it can be […]

Aire Kayaks versus NRS Kayaks

If you are looking for a whitewater inflatable kayak you have likely come across two major brand names… Aire Kayaks and NRS kayaks. At first glance it may be a little difficult to see too many differences between these two manufacturers. Both are extremely popular, both have been around for quite some time – however […]

4-Piece Kayak Paddles

The majority of kayak paddles will either be all one piece or very commonly will come apart in two pieces. These are fine if you are only transporting your paddle in your vehicle. However one of the great advantages of using an inflatable kayak is that you can take it traveling with you on an […]

Important Accessories for an Inflatable Kayak

If an inflatable kayak has become your #1 self-powered mode of transportation, recreation and fun then there are a few accessories that you will need to have. Most of the accessories listed below are essential to have with you at all times, but some you will only ever need if doing a longer excursion. Accessories you will […]

Key Inflatable Kayak Comparison Factors

When searching for an inflatable kayak naturally you will want to compare certain models. There are a few key things that are important to be aware of and to check when you are doing your comparisons. Consider these Factors when Comparing Inflatable Kayaks Water Type – Depending on what type of kayaking you would like […]

Looking for an Inflatable Kayak with a Motor?

Kayaking is typically a self-powered sport but there are lots of advantages to owning an inflatable kayak with a motor. Advantages: Able to get to remote destinations quicker and easier. Good for anglers searching for the right spot to fish. Good for those who may get tired of paddling and need a break but still […]