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How to Safely Wet Exit and Swim with your Kayak

When a kayak capsizes we are automatically dumped from our kayak. If exiting an overturned kayak has not been practiced it can be a scary experience. There are a few simple steps that can help to calmly slide out of your capsized kayak and keep hold of your paddle while you are doing it. If […]

Digital Waterproof Cameras

Want to record your whitewater kayaking adventures? These waterproof cameras can attach either onto your helmet, onto your wrist or onto your kayak paddles and allow you to take phenomenal shots. There are three different cameras to choose from. Please see details below. GoPro Digital Helmet Hero Wide 5 MP Waterproof Camera This waterproof camera gives […]

Inflatable Kayak Glossary of Terms

In your research on inflatable kayaks you may have come across certain terms that are slightly confusing. Especially if you are new to kayaking it is nice to know what all the words mean when reading the kayak descriptions. Below is a list of important inflatable kayak terms – most of which are also terms […]

How to Empty a Capsized Kayak

Have you ever had the misfortune of tipping your kayak in the water… with you in it? If you are wearing your lifejacket this is usually not that big of a deal. It can happen easily and if it does you need to know how to empty the water out of your overturned kayak. Just […]

History of the Kayak

I began researching the history of the kayak more for my own interest and thought I would share my findings with everyone. Here is a brief explanation of what I found out… There is evidence that kayaks are at least 4000 years old. They were originally made from stitched animal skins such as seals. The […]

Top Sea Kayaking Destinations

Many folks have a top ten list or an even shorter top 5 list of excellent places to go sea kayaking. I have to say that there is no way I can narrow my own list down to only 10 key places. I love to travel, I love this world and I love to explore […]

Types of Inflatable Kayak Materials

The two most well known inflatable kayak materials are PVC and Hypalon. There is also a newer material being used now called Nitrylon. Each has their positives and negatives and many people have opposing view points on which is the best to use (with regards to inflatable kayaks and other inflatable boats). They are used […]