Archives for October 2009

Best Inflatable Kayaks for Traveling

If you have considered bringing an inflatable kayak along on your travels there are a few things to consider… Weight Size Inflation time Will you be kayaking solo or tandem? Type of water you will be kayaking in It is a really fantastic idea to bring along an inflatable kayak and it allows you the […]

How to Dress for Cold Weather Paddling

If you have fallen in love with kayaking you will not want to stop once the weather turns chilly. Kayaking in the cold weather can be invigorating, great exercise and a lot of fun. The most important thing for an enjoyable ride is to be dressed properly for the cold water, the wind and the […]

Why the Inflatable Kayak is the Perfect Ride

Kayaking which is already a popular recreational sport is gaining more popularity these days as more and more people are looking for economical ways to enjoy the water without harming the environment and robbing our wallets. With the rise in prices for gasoline boating is becoming a recreational activity that not many can afford. Most […]

Where is the Best Place to Sit in a Tandem Kayak?

A few very common questions are who sits where in a tandem kayak? If paddling a tandem kayak solo, is it best to sit in the front or the back? Should the seating arrangements be any different if you are paddling an inflatable kayak? Here are some facts that will help you to answer these […]

NRS Paddlers Glove

I have used these gloves for almost three years and they are the best gloves for kayaking that I have tried. They are really tough and after three years of use, mine are still in excellent shape. They are extremely durable and feel great on. Features of the NRS Utility Paddlers Glove: The back of […]