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Packing an Inflatable Kayak First Aid & Safety Kit

If you have a standard first aid and safety kit that you have with you at all times while kayaking then you don’t ever have to worry. You know you are prepared for the worst and you can enjoy and have fun. Packing your own safety kit is easy… you just need a few essentials. […]

Paddling Techniques

Having good control of your kayak will come from coordination and balance as opposed to brute force.  Using the right paddling techniques will help to ensure that your ride is smooth, enjoyable and also fairly dry (unless you decide to brave the whitewater rapids). Many people mistakenly believe that power when paddling a kayak comes […]

Inflatable Kayak Safety Tips

There are always safety risks while traveling through water and kayaking is no different. By being aware of a few safety precautions you can glide through the water worry free. Safety Tip #1 – Always wear a lifejacket that is securely fastened so as not to slip off in the rapids. Safety Tip #2 – […]

Inflatable Kayak Care & Repair

With some proper care, your inflatable kayak should last you for many years and still be in near perfect condition. These simple steps will help to ensure the health and longevity of your inflatable kayak. How to Care for your Inflatable Kayak Store it in a cool, dry spot – make sure the kayak is […]

Inflatable Kayaks vs. Traditional Hard Shell Kayaks

There has been a misconception that inflatable kayaks can be easily punctured and are therefore unsafe. This is absolutely untrue. Today inflatable kayaks are durable, rugged and very safe. They are actually totally shock absorbent and many would be surprised to know that they are not as affected by major impacts as a rigid kayak […]

Choosing the Right PFD

Choosing the right PFD will depend on the type of kayaking you plan on doing.  The most important thing to be concerned about – besides the fact that it actually floats – is comfort.  If your lifejacket isn’t comfortable, if it is rubbing in certain areas or riding up in the back, you will not […]

Doggie Lifejacket – Is Your Pup Prepared?

Taking your dog out kayaking with you can be such a great experience – for you and for your dog. However it is important that they are just as prepared as you are and safety of course is key. The most important piece of gear for your dog will be his PFD. Whether your dog […]

The Benefits of UV Protective Clothing

Being out on a kayak in the open water with the direct sun not only shining on you but reflecting off the water can cause some serious sunburns (I’ve had my share) or cause you to get sick from sun stroke (I’ve had that too). Often because of the cool breeze and the water splashing […]

Inflatable Kayak Online Retailers

When making a purchase online, especially a large one like an inflatable kayak, it is important that you are purchasing from a 100% secure, reputable and established website. The outdoor recreation stores listed here are some of the very best. Not only have they been around for a long time, they also provide phenomenal customer […]