Airis Play Review

Best Uses: Flat water, surf, rivers Brand: Airis by Walker Bay Number of Paddlers: 1 Stats: Length 8'6", Width … [Read More...]


Innova Helios I Review

Best Uses: Sea kayaking, flat water, traveling, camping Brand: Innova Number of Paddlers: 1 Stats: Length 10’ … [Read More...]


NRS Outlaw Inflatable Kayak Review

Best Uses: Whitewater up to class IV rapids Brand: NRS Number Of Paddlers 1 Stats: Length: 9’10” Width: … [Read More...]



Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Review

Best Uses: Lakes, ocean bays, mild whitewater (up to class II) Brand: Sea Eagle Number of Paddlers: 1 or … [Read More...]


Aire Lynx I Review

Best Uses: Whitewater (up to class IV), all-day river adventures Brand: Aire Number of Paddlers: 1 Stats: … [Read More...]


Sea Eagle 393rl RazorLite Review

Best Uses: Lakes, ocean bays, calm rivers Brand: Sea Eagle Number of Paddlers 1 Specs: Length: 12’9”, Width 28” … [Read More...]

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Best Inflatable Kayaks for Speed

Inflatable kayaks are not normally associated with speed. They tend to be wider, slower and may have more side-to-side yaw movement. However there are some models that are more streamlined and although they may not be able to compete in a race against a sleek hard shell kayak, they do move at a pretty good clip, glide nicely and track straight. There are several models that are able to glide … [Read More...]


Yakgrips Kayak Paddle Grips Review

  These are the absolute best invention for a kayak paddle. If you have ever suffered from blisters or calluses while paddling, the Yakgrip paddle grips will help immensely. I always seem to have a problem with getting blisters and calluses on the palms of my hands when kayaking. To combat that problem I used to wear paddling gloves.  However in the summer heat my hands would … [Read More...]