Aire Force Review

Best Uses: Whitewater, rivers up to class IV Brand: Aire Number of Paddlers: 1 Stats: Length 9’ 6”, Width … [Read More...]


Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Review

Best Uses: Lakes, ocean bays, mild whitewater (up to class II) Brand: Sea Eagle Number of Paddlers: 1 or … [Read More...]


Aire Super Lynx Review

Best Uses: Day trips, flat water, moderate whitewater, ocean bays, camping, multi-day excursions, families Brand: … [Read More...]



Sea Eagle 380X Review

Best Uses: Whitewater - up to class IV, Lakes, Ocean, Day or Overnight Paddling Trips, Camping Brand: Sea … [Read More...]


Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Review

Best Uses: Recreation, flat water, calm ocean bay Brand: Advanced Elements Number of Paddlers: 2 Stats: Length … [Read More...]

AlterEgo I

Zoik AlterEgo I Review

Best Uses: Whitewater (up to class III), lakes, shorelines, bays, traveling, camping Brand: Zoik Available … [Read More...]

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Inflatable Kayaks Ideal For Camping Trips

Camping is a huge part of summer for many people and one of the things I love about summer camping is the fact that I can usually bring my inflatable kayak along. Camping With a Kayak Camping with a kayak can be ideal for two reasons: 1. If there is a body of water close to your campsite then a kayak is super fun to have along for the trip. Whether you want to paddle around for fun or do a … [Read More...]


How To Choose a Touring Kayak Paddle

This month I’ve been on a quest to find myself a new kayak paddle. Up until this point I’ve used some fairly standard paddles that came with my kayaks. They are perfectly fine kayak paddles for recreational touring and I’ve used them now for a good five years at least. However I decided it was time to upgrade. I wanted a lighter and more technical paddle that would allow me to use less … [Read More...]